Combating Coronavirus in India

As we are staring at a potential rise of coronavirus in India, testing, tracing and treating is the ideal way of curbing this spread. Testing on time helps provide early treatment which, in turn, prevents the spread to your loved ones and others around you.

With the second wave of coronavirus devastating India like anything, isolating, testing and treating is the only way to save India from this deadly coronavirus. Isolating yourself at the first instance, early testing, and timely treatment will save you and minimize the risk of spreading to the ones in your premises.            

Tests To Know If You Are Covid Positive

1. RT-PCR Test

PT-PCR is the most recommended standard test to detect if you are Covid-19 positive Who should take this test? / What is this test for? • If you are having cough, cold and fever for more than 3 days. • If you have flu-like symptoms and think that it can be Covid-19. • If you have come in contact with any Covid-positive patient • If you are a senior citizen with chronic heart disease/ diabetes and are witnessing covid like symptoms

2. Covid-19 Antibody Test

The Antibody IGC test is to detect if you had been infected by coronavirus & your body has produced Covid-19 antibodies Who should take this test? What is this test for? • If you feel you have already come in contact with coronavirus but recovered now • If you want to know if your body has produced the covid-19 antibody by itself after having previous exposure to the virus • If you want to confirm whether you have antibody or not & help the infected people by donating plasma

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