Please make sure to thoroughly read the privacy policy and understand every term in the real sense before browsing through the site. This policy binds every user and visitor of the Medkart24 website.

Purpose of the Policy

The purpose of this policy is to inform you about what personal information of yours will be accessed by Medkart24 and how and where it is going to be used by Medkart24. Your privacy is our responsibility! We understand how concerned you are about sharing your information with any site or digital store in this era when a digital robbery is a new trend. At Medkart24, we are highly committed to protecting your privacy and information from any third-party access. We ensure that we will use your information only for our service purpose, and your data is 100% safe with us. Complying with rigid data security measures, we make sure that there is nill chance of data leakage or data theft. But, we do not guarantee it as it all runs around technology, and technology can even fail us at times. Our privacy policy adheres to the requirements of the data protection law and standards of the Indian Information Protection Act, 2000.



By accessing the Medkart24 website, you consent to be bound by every term and condition of this privacy policy. Any information or details shared by you on Medkart24’s site and the application fall within the privacy policy. In order to fulfill your orders without any complications and delay, we will require to send you e-mails and messages regarding every step of the order: order placement, transaction, shipping, delivery, feedback, return, replace. Though we try to use e-mail for a majority of the communications, Medkart24 may call you at the registered mobile number provided by you at times to reach you the fastest. All the communications initiated by us are for a seamless user experience. Placing an order with Medkart24, you agree to be contacted by us at the details provided.
On subscribing to our newsletter, you permit us to send you periodicals and brochures of new products available on Medkart24. You will be the first to know any new service or products that we may include in our list. Medkart24 will send you e-mails regarding seasonal offers, discounts, and other benefits. In case you do not want to receive these e-mails, you are free to unsubscribe by clicking on the “Unsubscribe” option at your mailbox. Make sure that you share authentic personal information and contact details with Medkart24 to help us deliver your order at the earliest. In case of any change, please update your details for the fastest delivery. Medkart24 will not be held responsible for any wrong details shared, which might, in turn, lead to a delay in delivery and hamper your shopping experience with us. In the future, we might ask for additional details or personal information as per the situation demands to provide you a seamless shopping experience at Medkart24.

What data do we collect and how we use it?

Medkart24 does not ask for customer data from any third-party site nor sells any customer info we have to outsiders. Our set of information about you comprises only those data that you may have provided to Medkart24 at any time. We do not auto track or collect information from the device you use to visit the Medkart24 website. We collect the following information of yours from you in the following ways:

  • Device Information: When you visit the website of Medkart24 on your phone or tablet or laptop, or desktop, the server automatically records the technical information of the device you are using such: device type, device name/ model no., IP address, time zone the device is in, browser used, operating system.
  • Browsing Information: When you browse through the Medkart24 website to order medicines or book a doctor appointment, we keep track of which pages you visited, what medicine or doctor you are looking for, which category of health service you require, how much time you are spending on which page, page loading errors, and the interlinks you visit. This helps us know our customer and their needs, customer trends, requirements, preferences better. In turn, assist them with the required information in a much-sorted manner. Keeping track of the pages visited helps Medkart24 know which product or service is used most and replenish our stocks accordingly—in addition, monitoring the page loading time and load errors helps us understand the technical issues with our website.
  • Personal Information: Medkart24 does not collect any personally identifiable information of any person without their consent. Our data storage includes information like your first name, last name, age, gender, contact number, e-mail address, location, and address that you may have filled at the time of registering with Medkart24 or at any time you may have updated on our website or entered while placing an order or subscribing to our newsletter or participating in the refer and earn program.

All the above information collected at Medkart24 is genuinely for service purpose and involves no data altering. The personal, demographic, browsing and device information collected by you is solely for the purpose of product delivery, providing services, website technicalities, site improvement, and communication purposes to provide our customers with a seamless shopping experience and the fastest delivery.

We ensure 100% security of the identity proof you may provide us with for verification purposes such as Aadhar card/ Pan card/ Voter ID card/ Passport/ Bank statement

Privacy of the prescription uploaded

We very well understand the confidential nature of your health and the prescription uploaded on our site in order to place the order. Your prescription is totally protected with Medkart24 and is only used to verify the medicines ordered and doctor assistance. We use the details on the prescription only to process your order and ease the order process for you next time you opt for ordering the same medicines on the prescription. Once uploaded, you can find the prescription under the “My Account” section. .

Third-party advertisements

Medkart24 does not control the links to any party advertisements or applications, or websites that you may find on our website (…..). It is solely for interlinking or advertisement purposes. Make sure to read their individual privacy policy before getting in any business with them. Medkart24 will not be liable for any breach/ misleading information on their website. .


Cookies are small information contents that we place on your system’s hard disk at the time you visit our website. Cookies are only for the purpose of analyzing the web page traffic and usage. It does not collect/access any sensitive/ personal information from your device. You have the option to “Accept or Decline” access to cookies. It’s only after you accept cookies, Medkart24 will be able to install it on your device. This helps us to analyze the website performance and improve it accordingly. Remember, on declining the cookies you will not be able to access the website to the fullest, few of the pages or links might not open smoothly.

Security policy

All the information you share with Medkart24 is safe and secured. We protect your data by being assessed by any third-part sites. To ensure this, we comply with the latest version of the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol for data encryption and decryption. SSL certificate is the proof that Medkart24 stores all your information on a secured server, whether it is your personal details or transactional details such as credit card/ debit card/ UPI/ other payment details. Though we follow stringent security measures, we cannot commit to the associated risks of network and technology. But, we make sure to do everything and stay updated on technology to keep your information secured. .

Privacy policy updates

Medkart24 reserves the right to make any changes or update the privacy policy from time to time as per the situation. So, we request you to read the policy before agreeing with it as there can be changes from the last time you went through it. For any significant change/ update in the policy, we will inform you regarding it via e-mail or message or by publishing it on the website. Make sure to thoroughly go through the privacy policy before giving your consent. Medkart24 will not be liable for any disclaimer that we have already made.

Contact Details

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